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      2. Our Services

        We Are Here to Provide You Awesome Service Always

        Why choose us
        Why choose us

        1.ISO9001-2015 And SGS Certificate
        2.Quick Response In 24 Hours
        3.Delivery On Time

        Supplying Capabilities
        Supplying Capabilities

        Oli Control Valve 40,000 Sets Per Month
        Fuel Pump 50,000 Sets Per Month
        Fuel Injector 50,000 Sets Per Month

        Quality Philosophy
        Quality Philosophy

        1.100% Testing Of Each Piece.
        2.Breakage Rate Of 0.01%.
        3.Multiple Quality Control Checks

        Our Products

        We Are Here to Provide You Awesome Service Always

        about us

        We Are Here to Provide You Awesome Service Always

        WENZHOU CREDIT PARTS CO LTD specialized in producing fuel pump and module,fuel injector with kits, VVT more than 10 years,customers always choose Credit Parts as the 1st choice:
        ①. 100% testing of each piece,more than 99% end user satisfication, Amazing High quality.
        ②. ISO9001-2015 and SGS certificate, Made-in-China.com Audited 10Years Diament Member
        ③. Quick response in 24 hours
        ④. Products HOT sales more than 100 different countries around the world,
        Main market:USA,UK,Australia,Colombia.etc.