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      2. Products

        Fuel Injector Service kits

        Fuel Injector Service kitsRead More

        Credit Parts specialized in high performance fuel pumps,mainly for motorsports,racing cars,tunning cars,we have many customers from USA、UK、Germany、Mexico,etc…,with long term cooperation,customers feedback that our fuel pump specification is same as Original fuel pumps.
        Electric fuel pump is applicable for the car with various EFI engine fuel Supply system; Electric fuel pump is classified as per installation way: internal pump and external pump; internal pump is installed inside the tank, and external pump is installed outside the tank.

        Fuel Injector Tester Machine

        Fuel Injector Tester MachineRead More

        Credit Parts Fuel Injector Test Machine is one part of Customers service,for the customers who buy Credit Parts fuel injector,so can have the machines to tesing in their distributors shop.

        Credit Parts Fuel Injector Test Machine Optimum cleaning ultrasonically.

        Fuel Injector

        Fuel InjectorRead More

        Credit Parts fuel Injector CRAZY Hot sales in North America and South America,such as USA、MEXICO、BRAZIL、ARGENTINA、VENEZEULA、COLOMBIA、ECUADOR、PERU,etc…customers appreciate it because of high uality

        Below is fuel injector feature:

        Any irregularity in the flow of the injectors will affect the entire engine management system.

        Injectors must operate as a balanced unit, matching each other's delivery quantity, spray pattern and air/fuel mixture.

        Injectors very seldom fail all at the same time. They simply clog up and the injector's performance deteriorates.

        Less than 5% of injector failure is mechanical or electrical. The oth

        NOx Sensor & Oxygen Sensor

        NOx Sensor & Oxygen SensorRead More